How Latchi Watersports has shaped my career and my future

How Latchi Water sports has shaped my career and my future.

… How Latchi Watersports has shaped my career and my future.

I began my adventure at Latchi Watersports Centre two years ago, joining the team at the beginning of the season in April. I came to Cyprus having already had a small background in boating and the water sports industry from previous seasons working in the Mediterranean. Since working for the company, I have increased my knowledge and skills in many aspects of the water sports world.

… a blog post by Ellie

The position I have allows me to work within the boat hire and the water sports side of the business. As well as other aspects of the company such as sales and dealing in customer-facing roles.

Latchi Watersports has so much to offer. With it being such a multi-faceted business, you can choose from SCUBA diving, powerboat licenses, wakeboarding and water-skiing lessons, sailing, yacht charters and so much more. The opportunities to learn and expand are endless.

I had a small and basic background when it came to boat handling, I can now happily say my confidence with this has grown tremendously. For instance, I had never driven fibreglass boats and now I drive them daily, with vessels ranging in size from 10-26 feet. This is something I have found incredibly beneficial for now and for the future as I look to expand my boating licence to even larger vessels.

One thing I love about the company is that it has a place for everyone. You can join the team as an intern, having hardly any water sports knowledge or experience and finish the season being confident on the water and holding a large set of new skills and qualifications. We also have team members join the company wanting to enhance some of the skills they already have and see them take the knowledge and advice of longer serving members of staff to really become the best they can be.

How Latchi Water sports has shaped my career and my future.
How Latchi Watersports has shaped my career and my future by Ellie

One of my favourite things about the company is the dynamic between the staff and the customers. Throughout the season you interact with people from all over the world that have arrived to enjoy the Latchi Watersports experience. We have a great reputation for customer service, this brings us many visitors every year.

Every summer we have our loyal and returning customers, it is always nice to see familiar faces and know that they enjoyed it so much the last time they visited, they have come back again.

Many people make it their mission to hire a boat or book an activity as soon as they arrive at their hotel or villa! We really are peoples first point of contact when they get back to the island!

I have learnt so much from being at Latchi Watersports. I have met incredible people, made friends and become part of a family; one I never knew existed.

I have embraced people from the around the globe and been able to explore Cyprus and its captivating landscapes and culture. I am looking forward going into my third year, knowing there is still so much more the company can offer me.

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… a blog post by Ellie Pembrook

Ellie Pembrook
Sales / Boat Hire

I’m a bubbly smiley girl with an enthusiasm for anything to do with the water. One of my biggest passions is diving. I’m joining the team to help in all aspects of the business, including sales, powerboats and diving.