RYA sailing courses now offered at the Anassa Hotel in Latchi

Anassa Hotel in Latchi offering new RYA sailing courses

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has docked at Anassa, with Thanos Hotels confirming that new RYA sailing courses are now available to guests, of all ages, staying at the five-star address.

The new RYA sailing courses at Anassa are run by Latchi Watersports Centre who have created them as an “educational sailing experience” with an array of fun activities and challenges that are tailored to the individual.

Latchi Watersports Centre stated that the RYA sailing courses are run by some of the most experienced instructors on the island.

“They ensure thrilling adventures and most importantly – safety. Whether you’re an expert or novice sailor the sailing challenges included in the course are great because they’re designed for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced,” read an official Thanos Hotels statement.

“They want people to feel comfortable when out at sea. Not only do you get involved with presentations, games and exercises but participants also learn the ropes and get to grips with the sailing equipment, sailing dinghies and catamarans as well as being able to step on-board their two brand new Laser Bahias, the epitome of style and true luxury.”

Another aspect is that children get the choice to have private or group classes, where they can get stuck into theory and practical training before taking to the deck. As a result these classes are ideal for teamwork and bonding.

“Latchi Watersports Centre is mindful that many may fear sailing and has therefore created this course to encourage potential sailors to, instead, embrace the sea and to evoke a nautical passion within people,” continued the statement. “They enable guests to make new friends, to learn new skills but to also have fun and to enjoy sailing the crystal clear, calm waters of the Mediterranean that hug the shores around Anassa.”

More at: www.latchicharters.com

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