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RYA Powerboat Courses in Cyprus

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A beginners’ guide

Whether you are powerboating for leisure or work, or in connection with another activity such as sailing or towing, we have an RYA course for you.

Latchi Watersports is a licensed RYA training centre. We have several highly trained and experienced RYA qualified instructors. They will help you to improve your knowledge and understanding so that you become a proficient driver of speedboats up to 10m.

It’s worth stating that no previous knowledge or experience is required. When you take an RYA Level 2 powerboating course, you will be taught the basic workings of a speedboat. This includes; low speed handling in coastal waters, driving at planing speed, coming alongside, mooring and chart plotting. And, importantly, man overboard (‘MOB’) recovery exercises.

First things first

The boat on which we teach you is a 6.4m Medcraft Tornado with a 150hp outboard engine.

You will be given a full briefing on all aspects of safety on board. Including; how and when to wear a kill cord, life jackets, first aid kit, firebox and life rings stowage. And, we will give you a thorough review of VHF radio functions and emergency procedures.

Once safety procedures have been completed to everyone’s satisfaction we will explain the basic workings of a boat. Thing like; starting the engine, steering, controlling the throttle and trimming the engine to the optimum height. Much like the first time you get behind the wheel of a car, you need to know these essentials before you set off on your first voyage!

Whilst under the constant supervision of the instructor, who is by your side the entire time, when you are ready, it is time to leave the harbour.

This is the fun part. Powerboating! Once out in the warm turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, you can open her up. At least you can, when you are more than 200m from the coastline. You’ll get a good feel for the boat. Feel the wind in your hair and the gentle sea spray on your face. If you choose the right time of year, you may be blessed with a visit from Dolphins, flying fish or Turtles; all popping by to say hello!

Now is the serious part!

Most of your time on the boat will be spent repeatedly going over man overboard scenarios, anchoring and going in and out of tricky mooring spots in the harbour alongside other vessels or the quay. Only when you become proficient will you progress. You are not under pressure to master everything immediately. Take your time.

RYA Powerboat Courses with Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Law of the Sea

Similar to rules that govern the safe flow of traffic for vehicles, there are rules that govern the safe manoeuvring of boats. Although casual boaters aren’t required to know the rules of the sea, it is highly recommended.

These rules teach safe boating protocol. Do you know who has the “right of way” when you approach a sailboat under sail alone? The sailboat does! You must manoeuvre your boat to allow the sailboat safe passage. Powerboating can become dangerous rapidly when boaters do not know basic rules.

Furthermore, knowing the law regarding licensing and speed limits on the water in your local area is essential. Before you set sail. We will educate you on the regulations in Cyprus and how to apply common courtesy.

Generally, there are speed limits in areas where you need to take extra care. Such as, entering and leaving the harbour. In and out of bays and lagoons. And, where there are other water users, or if you are closer than 200 metres to the coastline. Sometimes you will see signs notifying you of the limits. Sometimes, you just must know and use common sense.

As a rule of thumb, if your boat is creating a wake behind you, then there is a risk that you might be causing problems. Especially if you are close to shore or close to other vessels.

The RYA Course

The RYA level 2 Powerboat course is run throughout the year, over two days, preferably consecutive days, with approximate hours being from 09:00 – 17:00. The hours can be flexible for people learning at different speeds. Or, if required by outside interference such as work commitments. You will spend approximately 80% of the course on the boat. You’ll quickly get used to driving and practising all the necessary skills. The other 20% of the time is split between work in the classroom where we take you through chart plotting and navigation.

We take a maximum of three people, and, a minimum of two on powerboating each course. This means you get the full attention of the instructor throughout, and, in a convivial environment.

At the end of the two days, providing all criteria has been met, you will be awarded an internationally recognised RYA certificate. In some countries, you are unable to hire a boat unless you have this certification.

There is a minimum age requirement of 16.

Freedom and confidence on the sea

Once you are RYA level 2 qualified you will have the confidence and knowledge to Captain a speedboat up to 10 metres. You will be able to handle a powerboat in familiar waters by day, getting more out of your powerboating!

If you only need the RYA Level 2 Powerboat qualification to hone your skills and confidence – that’s great! However, if you would like to go further, we can incorporate the International Certificate of Competence to your RYA Level 2 course. The ICC is the first step in working your way through a whole series of further education, and qualifications on the sea. Perhaps you want a career in boating? Or maybe you are looking to purchase your own boat to travel the world?

At Latchi Watersports, we offer information and guidance to help you further your expertise in whichever way you need. All you need to do is ask.

And, it helps that Cyprus boasts 320 days of sunshine a year. Another great reason to take RYA Courses here with ourselves at Latchi Watersports Centre.

For more information on anything else to do with RYA Courses in Cyprus please email info@latchiwatersportscentre.com or call +357 26 322 095 or complete this short contact form.

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