How to take your RYA Powerboat Course in Cyprus

How to take your RYA Powerboat Course (Level 2) in Cyprus and how to improve your boating knowledge and gain a qualification in the Maritime industry.

RYA Powerboat Course with Latchi Watersports

Stan and Marijn Van Giesen arrived with their family for a holiday in Latchi and took part in some activities here at Latchi Watersports Centre. As well as hiring a boat and enjoying some diving, the brothers also took their RYA Powerboat Course (Level 2) to improve their boating knowledge and gain a qualification in the Maritime industry.

The Course was run by James Mcgachie one of our senior Powerboat Instructors. The RYA Powerboat course (level 2) is run over 2 days.

The brothers arrived nice and early on the first day and James started off by welcoming them onto the course and provided an introduction to what was ahead for them in the next two days.

After running through the safety equipment on board they made their way down to the pontoon. Their boat, for the next two days, would be Queen Leolo: a 6.7-metre boat with a 150hp outboard engine. Once James had gone through the basic checks on the boat with the guys, they made their way out of the harbour and into the open water.

As they left the harbour James demonstrated how to recover a man overboard, anchoring techniques and how to pick up a mooring buoy. From this point, Stan and Marijn would take over the boat with guidance from James. During this time they learnt how to drive the boat safely and skilfully. Our Instructor, James, prefers to spend as much time as possible on the water practising manoeuvres. Including; departing and coming alongside the pontoon, taking into account the tidal stream and wind. The correct use of painters, lines, fenders and the importance of having awareness of other water users.

After a good three hours out on the water, James broke for lunch and gave the boys time to relax and prepare for the afternoon session.

The first part of the afternoon lesson is held in the RYA classroom. Here, James teaches theory on different types of boats and engines. And, for the second half of the afternoon, they are taught how to turn the boat in a confined space; and how to take advantage of natural elements such as; wind & tide. Later, James brought Stan and Marijn back to the centre to debrief that days’ activities and to outline what was in store for the second day.

Again both the guys arrived nice and early and headed up to the classroom where with the help of James they planned a short trip, this included understanding the weather and its sources, tidal and navigational information from charts and almanacs.

Almanac: a book published every year that contains facts about the movements of the sun and moon, changes in the tides, and information of general interest

During the day the brothers were given an introduction to high-speed manoeuvres such as S-bends and U-bends whilst controlling the boat at a safe comfortable speed. After a break for lunch James, Stan and Marijn took a pre-planned trip from Latchi Harbour along the Akamas Penninsula coastline to the Blue Lagoon.

On returning to the entrance of Latchi Harbour they had a final practice of Man-Overboard including prevention, immediate actions, return to the man and recovery techniques. Back at the centre, the guys finished off with some more close quarters handling. Followed by a cleanup and recovery of the powerboat.

James finally went over a knowledge review and then presented both Stan and Marijn with their Powerboat Licenses and Certificates.

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