RYA Powerboat course level one

The RYA Powerboat course Level 1 is a good introduction to powerboating.

The Level 1 powerboat course aims to provide a practical introduction to powerboating in an RYA course. This course takes one day. To take part in this powerboat course you do not require any previous boating experience or powerboat training.

The Powerboat Level 1 course suits those who are keen for a basic introduction to powerboating. Those thinking of chartering a powerboat can get a good idea about boating by attending, and partners of boaters can use the course to acquire the skills necessary to handle a craft in an emergency if their partner is incapacitated. Those with their own boat, or acquiring one, should take the Powerboat Level 2 course (which covers things in far more depth) – achieving Powerboat Level 1 is NOT a prerequisite before attending Powerboat Level 2 training so Powerboat Level 1 can be bypassed if required.

Your instructor will cover the following topics with you during your day with him/her:

  • Launch and recovery
  • Preparation of boat
  • Boat Handling
  • Picking up and securing to a mooring buoy
  • Leaving and coming alongside
  • Being Towed

The shore-based element of the day will cover personal buoyancy, insurance, loading and how this effects handling and performance, balance and trim, crew members, awareness of other water users, application of the collision regulations (IRPCS), local bylaws and accepting a tow and rope work.

Duration Course Aim Minimum Standard Cost
1 Day Introduction to Powerboats None € 385

rya powerboat course level two

This is one of the most popular courses at Latchi Watersports and is based around the RYA National Powerboat (Level two) syllabus.

Please note, you DO NOT need to have completed Power Boat Level One as a pre-requisite!

By the end of the two-day course you WILL be capable and licensed to handle small powerboats up to 10 metres. The course is 100% training – 90% on water and 10% theory (we have the weather, why be stuck in the classroom?), which gives plenty of time for practicing manoeuvres and correcting faults.

You will learn how to launch and recover from a road trailer, high and low speed manoeuvres and seamanship skills such as man-overboard recovery and anchoring. The theory session will include instruction on engine maintenance, practical use of charts and compasses, and legal requirements. During the course you will be using a 6.4 mtr solid fiberglass boat with a 150hp engine. With a variety of moorings and a large marina on our doorstep there are plenty of opportunities to work on your close quarter boat handling skills. Each day your instructor will discuss the aims of the day and develop a plan to make sure it is enjoyable.

This course is suitable for anyone who owns a powerboat, is thinking of buying one or just wants to have fun on the water and wants to develop the skills to operate in a safe and responsible manner.

The RYA National Powerboat level two certificate is also a pre-requisite for the RYA Dinghy Instructor and RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor qualifications. The certificate can also be used as proof of competence when applying for the International Certificate of Competence. (ICC) Certification: The RYA National Powerboat (Level 2) certificate can now be commercially endorsed. As a consequence, a new certification issuing process has been introduced by the RYA and all course participants must now be registered by Latchi Watersports with the RYA. In order to register a course, we require a booking form to be completed.

PLEASE NOTE: This certificate now requires a passport photograph. Please remember to bring a photograph with you, otherwise, we will not be able to issue you with your certificate.

ALSO: This course is conducted in a group. If you require Private Tuition, please contact us

If you would like any more information or would like to book a course please do not hesitate to contact us.

Duration Course Aim Minimum Standard Cost
2 Day Powerboat Certificate (Level 2) None € 625

If you are going to cruise the inland waterways of Europe, the International Certificate of Competence, ICC, is mandatory in some continental countries.

RYA Powerboat Courses with Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus
RYA Powerboat Courses with Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus
RYA Powerboating Courses with Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Our course qualifies you to the latest rules and regulations regarding the size of the boat and it is valid for boats up to 10 metres in length. There are two parts to be completed at our training centre to gain an inland, power craft, ICC.

  • Complete the one day ICC course at our training centre. This is valid for boats up to 10 metres in length.
  • Complete the CEVNI test (for inland waters).

You will then have the qualifications required for the RYA to issue an inland, power craft, International Certificate of Competence to UK nationals or UK residents, nationals of North America or any country that is not a member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Alternatively, to complete our ICC course you can to take the direct assessment for the ICC. The syllabus for the International Certificate of Competence test is below.

  • Safety prior to cast off
  • Depart from a pontoon
  • General manoeuvring
  • Steering and turning in a confined space
  • Emergencies
  • Man overboard drills
  • Coming alongside a windward bank or pontoon
  • Securing to a buoy (if appropriate)
  • High-speed manoeuvres (if appropriate)

If you would like any more information or would like to book a course please do not hesitate to contact us.
Total cost €150 and can be completed at the same time as taking RYA Powerboat Course Level 2

Duration Course Aim Minimum Standard Cost
1/2 Day International Certificate of Competence RYA Powerboat Course Level 2 € 150
The International Certificate of Competence, ICC, is mandatory in some continental countries.

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