Never tried Parasailing? Here’s why you should!

Never tried parasailing? Here is why you should | Latchi Watersports Centre in Cyprus

When visiting Latchi, you may have noticed that big yellow smiley face that goes flying past the harbour and along the Akamas coastline.

There may be two legs dangling and arms waving or, even on occasion, four. And, that may even have been me. Alone, with my friend or with my daughter. Yes, I have been up there many times.

If you have thought, “I’d love to try parasailing” but never had the confidence to give it a go, well you should. Don’t be nervous! Being up there is amazing. Now, I’m not a fan of heights but, parasailing is so peaceful that the fear subsides.

The waters around Latchi and the Akamas Peninsula are so clear. Sometimes you may even see turtles while you are flying. You’ll also get the chance to wave at other holidaymakers as they either sunbathe or pass you in one of our boats that are for hire. When you try parasailing you will be flying high. You may reach up to 200 metres above the sea. And, you’ll enjoy flying for around 8 minutes. You can extend this time if you wish and, have an extra 5 minutes. If you are lucky, the captains who have over 30 years of experience between them may even get your feet wet.

Never tried parasailing? Here is why you should | Latchi Watersports Centre in Cyprus

If you are brave enough to fly solo, you can enjoy a single tow. Or, if you would like to share the experience with a loved one, take a tandem tow.

When you board the parasailing boat, a life jacket will be given to you. And, as you leave the harbour, you’ll be helped into your safety harness. When the parasail unfolds, and you are ready to be attached, you’ll be asked to sit on the floor at the rear of the boat. Once out in open water, you will be winched into the air. Just relax, sit back and let your legs dangle while you enjoy the beautiful views of the Akamas coastline and its peace and tranquillity.  The boat reaches speeds of up to 15 knots, but you will not feel this when you are floating on the air.

If your friends and family are brave enough to join you on the boat, they can, the Captains will keep them entertained. They will probably play them some of their favourite tunes. Or, even tell some of their awful jokes.  Our Parasailing boat can hold up to 10 passengers.

When your time is up, we will carefully winch you back down where the Latchi Watersports team will be waiting to help you back onto the boat. You will be asked to land on your feet. And, once on board, they will unclip you from the parasail. All you have to do then is take a seat and enjoy the ride back into the harbour.

Questions that we often get asked

  • When is the best time to go parasailing?
    • Timing is not always an issue. It is often more to do with the wind and sea conditions
  • What do you wear to go parasailing?
    • Anything in which you feel comfortable. There is no dress code.
  • How fast does the boat travel to parasail?
    • Depending on wind conditions the boat will reach around 15 knots (17 mph or 28 km/h). You will not feel the boat speed at all. In the air, it is nice and smooth.
  • Is parasailing scary?
    • No, not at all. However, if you are a little unsure try going with a friend.
  • Is there a weight requirement for parasailing?
    • There is no weight requirement. We have suitable harnesses and parasails for everybody.
  • Do you need to know how to swim?
    • No. It is unlikely that you will end up in the water or maybe we’ll dip you a little, to get your feet wet.
  • Is there an age limit for Parasailing?
    • To parasail alone, you need to be a minimum of 8 Years old. There is no upper age limit.


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