The Erasmus Scheme and the friendly Spanish Armada

The Erasmus Scheme and the friendly Spanish Armada!

We have recently said goodbye to 5 unique visitors from Spain on the Erasmus Scheme!

Irantzu, Saray, Iago, Miren and their teacher Carlos first contacted us in early 2020 to discuss taking part in a work placement with Latchi Watersports centre; through the well-known Erasmus Scheme.

Of course, due to the pandemic, it kept getting pushed back! But finally, in June, we got to welcome them to complete their 2 weeks in the sun!

Erasmus Scheme - powerboat driving
Driving a powerboat on the EU Erasmus Scheme at Latchi Watersports
Erasmus Scheme - Safety
Safety Watch on the EU Erasmus Scheme at Latchi Watersports

The EU Erasmus scheme is offered to students to help fund a trip abroad to take part in a two-week work experience with a company that gives them daily access to what they are studying.

Of course, they are all enrolled on an outdoor activities course that specialises in watersports. So where better to go than Europe’s biggest self-drive boat hire, watersports and dive centre!

It is us – they came to us…

The students and their teacher took part in several courses in their time here, including diving, sailing, powerboat, and emergency first response!

Our Spanish friends also paid particular attention to how the courses were delivered by their instructors. How we deal with day-to-day activities or any issues that may arise. Including safety briefings, scheduling boat hire and other classes. And, of course, how we meet and greet customers and clean our equipment, etc.

It was so much fun having them here with us. Learning from each other and passing on the knowledge that we have accrued in our 43 years on the island of Cyprus.

We are delighted to be able to offer these sorts of placements to anyone interested! If anyone has any questions about joining an Erasmus scheme or doing it here with us at Latchi Watersports, get in touch now!

A Message from Carlos and the Students…

Thanks to the Erasmus programme, and also to Latchi Watersports Centre. Four Spanish students and I, as a teacher, were allowed to develop an internship in the Cypriot Company.

Everything was enabled by Anna, from Latchi Watersports Centre, who make things easy for taking us in.

The grant covered the travel and accommodation expenses, and the Spanish people made advantage of the situation in order to know the way that Latchi Watersports Centre is run. It was during two weeks that we could feel the experience of practising almost all the activities that Latchi Watersports Centre offers. Such as scuba diving, kayaking, paddleboard, powerboat course, sailing, parasailing or riding banana. Besides, we had the opportunity of being trained in Emergency First Response. We wouldn’t know which one is the best, because all of them were amazing, and our instructors were awesome too.

To sum up, all of us are very grateful for Anna’s support and the staff’s encouragement.

Latchi Watersports Centre, thank you very much!
Carlos, Irantzu, Saray, Iago and Miren