Here is the Latchi Watersports Team for 2018.
And, we’re sure you’ll agree, they’re a beautiful bunch of people.

Katie Felvus - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Boat Hire

I’ve been in Cyprus for 12 years, but working for Latchi Watersports for only 6 years. I am the little blonde one that hangs around the big blue umbrella in the harbour. I am the one who offers you our brochures and information every time you pass by.  I am always happy to answer any questions.

Kierron Wake - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Assistant Manager

I am the assistant manager here at the watersports, I worked my way up through the ranks with the help of my good looks and enthusiasm. I am the one, often mistaken for Tom, but I’m better looking and younger 😉

Theo Pantelli - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Public Relations

I am a very proud family man, I have worked at Latchi Watersports for 6 years now and I’ve loved every season, its such good fun and everybody gets on so well. I am so jolly that at our summer Christmas party, it’s me who dons the Santa outfit. You’ll find me either under the umbrella chatting to everyone or giving coastal briefings on the deck.

Laura Clifford - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Beach Manager

I’m the friendly but elusive face you’ll meet if you come to our beach watersports office! I am the beach manager for Latchi Watersports and have been with the company for 7 years, overseeing all watersports activities and fun on the water! Beach life!

Jemma Stretch - Latchi Watersp


I am the really pale one behind the desk, often getting caught trying to sneak outside into the sun for a bit. So answering emails, telephones and customers questions is the game, booking boats, diving and everything else are the aim.

Adi Carter - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Chief Mechanic

I am the chief mechanic at Latchi Watersports. Originally from York, if I am not complaining about something, I am drinking Yorkshire tea – the true cup! I am here for any of your engine’s needs.

Hans Roelofs - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus


After founding the company in 1985 with a couple of small boats and a canoe, I decided to take a back seat in 2010. I couldn’t quite cut all ties, so I now hang around the centre doing briefings and I am the chief of parasailing, so if you want to fly, I am your guy. I am also a commercial captain.

Cos Charalambous - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus


If James Bond was from Argaka. Cool as a cucumber and with the same percentage of water. My Favorite phrase “One Boat!”.

Dave Irvine - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Yacht charter captain

I have been slaving here for the last 15 years. I’ve worked my way up to Yacht Master. I spend most of my time at the beach office, or doing trips on our luxury Bavaria 41 or Jeanneau 349 sailing yachts. I also run the RYA powerboat courses.

Nafe Neville - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Diver / boats / mechanic / sailor

Diver, boat driver, mechanic and sailor in that order! I also make a mean curry. As long as it involves getting wet or fed I’m in…….

johnny chief diving instructor at Latchi Dive Center, Latchi Watersports Centre

Chief diving instructor

I am the chief diving instructor at Latchi Watersports. I am a PADI Course Director who joined the Latchi dive team at the beginning of the 2017 season. Previous to this I spent 10 years working in Southeast Asia. I’m all about diving, diving and more diving! I add my experience to an already professional and experienced diving team.

Krassi Radev - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

boat hire

I am the silent but deadly type, they call me the ninja! As a man of few words, you will never really know what I’m thinking – but of course, they are always friendly thoughts.  I hold a commercial captains license, and as a multi-lingual, I am highly coveted.

Joey Carlsberg Cheeseman - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

boat hire

Joey Carlsberg Cheeseman – I work in the harbour, doing boat briefings, guided trips and most things boat related. My favourite job is keeping the boats and myself hydrated.

odd job - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

odd job
boats / fishing / parasailing

They call me odd job. I am one of the commercial boat license holders in the company, and I am one of only 2 members off staff that can captain the parasailing boat which I really enjoy.

Chris Maleham - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

anassa beach

I started at the Watersports as an intern in 2016 and within two months I was promoted to a fully-fledged member of the team. I split my time between the harbour and the beach office, which ensures there is never a dull moment.

Lucy Latchi Watersports Centre

boat hire

One of Three twins, I am the friendly face behind the desk. I’m a huge speedboat fan, so on my days off you can find me defeating my t-shirt tan in Manolis Bay. I’m looking forward to having a boat named after me (‘Earthworm Jim’).

David Stangroom - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

diving instructor

I am one of the diving instructors here at the watersports. I have been diving for 26 years and completed some of my qualifications with Latchi Watersports and I’ve worked at the centre ever since. I’m the one that tries to sell you dive courses.

James Compton - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

senior sailing instructor

I am the newest member of the team, here at Latchi Watersports, this is my first season and I will spend the majority of my time at the beach office where I am the senior sailing instructor, I am also an RYA powerboat instructor.

Romany Burns - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

diving instructor

I am a diving instructor and after working in South America for the past couple of years, I decided to come closer to home, so I joined the diving team at Latchi for the 2017 season.  I am looking forward to summer, when the sea gets warmer as this time of year it’s a big change from what I am used to.

Charlie - Latchi Watersports Centre

boat skills

Without a doubt the best boat handling skills in the company, and I’m only eight, good at carrying stuff and spraying random people with the hose, and I’m always up for an ice cream too.

Founded in 1978, Latchi Watersports started life as a small operation with a couple of windsurfers and a small speedboat, but over the years it has grown to become the largest and one of the best Watersports and dive centres in Cyprus.

Latchi is located on the Akamas Peninsular on the north-west coast of Cyprus. It’s just a short boat ride away from the Akamas National Park and its stunning coastline, which is the best in Cyprus. Our main centre of operation is located in the picturesque fishing harbour in Latchi, with two further beachfront operations located at La Plage and Anassa Beach.

We have a great team of professionals here at Latchi Watersports. Throughout the season the team is at least 20 people, increasing to almost 30 during July and August.

Our fleet of 30+ Rental Powerboats, Sailing and Motor Yachts and our PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre is located in Latchi, while our beachfront operations are more watersports orientated with three ski boats operating between the two sites and a whole spectrum of activities available ranging from ski boats to jet ski hire to banana & tube rides.

Our main emphasis is on safety and our highly trained and professional Latchi Watersports team will look after your every need to ensure your time on the water with us is the highlight of your holiday.

Check out our new luxury yacht charters with our sister company Latchi Charters, Cyprus at: WWW.LATCHICHARTERS.COM and our Dive Centre at: WWW.LATCHIDIVECENTRE.COM

Latchi Harbour

Take the road from Polis towards Latchi, we are located at the far end of the harbour, before Porto Latchi. [see map]

Anassa Hotel

Follow the signs for Aphrodite’s Bath for 3km, we can be found on the beach in front of the Anassa Hotel. [see map]

La Plage

You can also find Latchi Watersports on the beach at La Plage, just 1km before the marina from Polis. [see map]

Call +357 26 322 095, or email