Here is the Latchi Watersports Team for 2021.
And, we’re sure you’ll agree, they’re a beautiful bunch of people.

Laura Clifford - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus


I’m the friendly face you’ll meet if you come to our beach watersports office! I’m one of the managers here at Latchi Watersports and have been with the company for years, overseeing all watersports activities and fun on the water! Beach life!

johnny chief diving instructor at Latchi Dive Center, Latchi Watersports Centre

Dive Operations Manager

I am the Dive Operations Manager at Latchi Watersports and this will be my third year with the company. I’m an experienced PADI Course Director/instructor trainer and oversee our experienced dive team. Previous to this I spent 10 years working in Southeast Asia. I’m all about diving, diving and more diving!

office manager

I’ve been a member of the team for over 10 years now. I started of as ‘Lucy Life jackets’ in the harbour and with ‘hard work and perseverance’ I now lead the office team. I’m hoping for a sponsorship with Colgate, but until then, I am happy to book you in to make the most beautiful memories in the Akamas National Park.

Adi Carter - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Chief Mechanic

As the goo-goo dolls once said; When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.

Hans Roelofs - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus


After founding the company in 1978 with just a couple of small boats and canoes, I decided to take a back seat in 2010. I couldn’t quite cut all ties, so you’ll still find me at the centre doing briefings and boat trips. I’m also one of the commercial captains. I’m very proud of the professional organisation that Latchi Watersports has grown into.

Dave Irvine - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Yacht charter captain

I’m one of the longest serving Latchi Watersports employees. I’m experienced in all aspects of the business and one of the captains for our luxury charter yachts. I’m also an instructor for the powerboat courses. I’ve been in Cyprus for over 15 years and live here with my wife and gorgeous baby daughter.

Nafe Neville - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Yacht Captain / Dive Master / Mechanic

Diver, boat driver, mechanic and sailor in that order! I also make a mean curry. As long as it involves getting wet or fed I’m in…….

Theo Pantelli - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Public Relations

I am a very proud family man, I have worked at Latchi Watersports for 6 years now and I’ve loved every season, its such good fun and everybody gets on so well. I am so jolly that at our summer Christmas party, it’s me who dons the Santa outfit. You’ll find me either under the umbrella chatting to everyone or giving coastal briefings on the deck.

Boat Hire

I’ve lived in Cyprus for a long time! I’m a man of many talents and have been working with the Watersports for 5 years. I’m one of the company commercial captains and you’ll often find me doing boat trips along the beautiful Akamas National Park. I also love to party and have fun.

Katie Felvus - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Boat Hire

I have lived in Cyprus for 14 years and for the last 7 years I have been working for Latchi Watersports. My main job is Sales but I am also a boat captain and the only female commercial captain in Cyprus (maybe even the Med). You’ll find me on harbour by our sales umbrella or on a boat either way come and say “Hi”

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Pretty average. 6/10 to 7.5 with make-up. One more cat and I’ll be considered crazy.”She’s got a great personality though

– Lucy Critchell 2018

odd job - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Dimitar aka “Oddjob”
boats / fishing / parasailing

I started working for Latchi Watersports back in 2011. I am a commercial licenced skipper, parasailing captain and the expert fisherman with over 20 yrs experience. I am multi-lingual, speaking Bulgarian, English, Greek and Russian. Now you can see why they call me Oddjob.

Marine services

I run our new Polis shop looking after all the marine services admin and boat sales for the company. I also travel around the island looking after marketing relations with different Cyprus resorts and agents. I’ve lived in Cyprus for 4 years and this is my second year with Latchi Watersports.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

I used to work on the cruise ships and was asked if I wanted to complete my Open Water diving course in St. Croix. From my first dive with Eagle rays and Nursing sharks, it was just……wow. So 4 years ago I decided I wanted to become an instructor and have never looked back! I’m now a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and a sailing instructor.

Chris Maleham - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Waterski / Wakeboard Instructor

I started at Latchi Watersports as an intern in 2016 and within two months I was promoted to a fully-fledged member of the team. I’m now one of our experienced Waterski/Wakeboard instructors and you’ll find me at our beach watersports centre.

Krassi Radev - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

boat hire

I’m the ninja of the company! I’ve been with Latchi Watersports for years and am highly experienced in all things on the water. I hold a commercial captains licence and speak many different languages.


I’m a friendly and bubbly individual who has a strong interest in watersports (especially wakeboarding) and boating. I am joining Latchi Watersports as an intern this season and look forward to learning new skills and gaining experience. I’m enthusiastic about the upcoming season and can’t wait to meet everyone!

PADI Divemaster

I served in the British Army for 26 years and have followed my passion for underwater swimming all round the world. After spending years coming to Latchi on holiday to dive with the LWC team, I decided to skip the rat race and make the move permanently to live the dream. I look forward to meeting new people, new experiences and new beginnings.

James Compton - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Beach Supervisor / Senior Instructor

This is my third year with Latchi Watersports. I’m the Chief RYA sailing instructor at the beach and also help to oversee all watersports operations. I’m also a passionate diver, windsurfer and underwater photographer.

Romany Burns - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

After working for several years in South America as a dive instructor, I decided to move closer to home. I joined the diving team at Latchi in 2017 and am now a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. I also have a passion for underwater photography.

Sales / Boats

I joined the team in 2019 and am now excited for my third season. I work in the marina helping with the boating side of the company as well as down the beach where we run all of our watersports. I have learnt so much from the company and cannot wait to learn even more about the watersports world!

RYA Sailing Instructor

I’m experienced in many different areas of the business and have worked in the watersports/outdoor industry for several years. I’m an RYA sailing instructor and assist with all watersports and boat rentals. I also completed my Dive Master internship with Latchi Watersports last year.

Charlie - Latchi Watersports Centre

boat skills

Without a doubt the best boat handling skills in the company, and I’m only eight, good at carrying stuff and spraying random people with the hose, and I’m always up for an ice cream too.

Diving Instructor

Diving is my number one passion. My goal in life is to dive in as many countries as possible and Cyprus is my top choice. I’ve already dived in the Maldives, Bali and Komodo. I can’t wait for my second season with the Latchi Watersports team.

Divemaster / Office

I’ve been with the Latchi Watersports team now for several years. I am a PADI Divemaster and also work in the office. I’m not angry, I just have an abrasive personality. Ask me about boat hire!


Boat Hire / Sailing

I first started at Latchi Watersports in 2019. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as, although I had experience driving boats and sailing, it was my first job in the watersports industry. I was immediately welcomed into the Latchi family and shown the ropes of the company.

chief fridge stacker

This will be my third season with Latchi watersports and THE BEST ONE YET. If I’m not making sure the fridge is stacked with beers for my team mates to enjoy afterwork, you’ll find me in the harbour talking to customers about the vast array of services we offer or razzing along the coastline on a guided trip!


Supporting artist

Special guest appearance for the 2021 season. For the third year in a row, we welcome back this well-known celebrity to our team. You may recognise John from such famous TV shows as Coronation Street, Peaky Blinders, plus several feature films. However he claims his part in Latchi Watersports is the best role he’s ever played!

Dive Instructor/Boats

After one week of travelling in Georgia in November 2018, I decided to quit my job and started travelling. I came to Cyprus in February and have not looked back. I play the piano, love hiking and adore the sea. 2019 Dive Master internship – I’m ready for you!

Dive Instructor

Baby it’s better, down where it’s wetter!


I’m 20 years old and from Latvia. I’m very adventurous and always on a search for new experiences. I’m passionate about travelling, photography and the sea and have just completed my Open Water course in Vietnam. I’m super excited about the upcoming season and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Harbour Assistant

Everyone knows me as Mira but my closest friends call me Miroslava. I speak few languages perfectly due to my Russian- Bulgarian – Armenian nationality. My diploma says that I am  a guitar teacher but I am not afraid to say that I have more experience in sales than in music. I like bacon, candies and Slipknot and I dislike vegan food and bad music. I am very happy and thankful to be adopted by such a big and loving family like Latchi Watersports.


After doing 10 years in the British Army, I decided I wanted to follow one of my passions, watersports. I love diving and kayaking and pretty much any water based activity. I love meeting new people, getting to know them and helping them achieve something that brings a smile to their faces.


I have lived all over the world and have a love of all things marine. I spent the last 2 years working off the coast of Maine, USA in the cold and am excited for the Cyprus sunshine! I hold various boat design and build qualifications as well as being an experienced fisherman with a US captains licence. 

Matt Jenner | Latchi Watersports Centre in Cyprus

Boats & Sailing

I’ve had a great spirit of adventure since I was little and I have a huge love for watersports! This will be my second year as an instructor, after studying adventure education at college. I’m super keen to get out on the water, I’ll put my hand to anything that gets me there.

Waterski/Wakeboard Instructor

I have just completed my Undergraduate degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management. During my time I have been able to take part in a variety of adventurous activities starting from learning the basics to being able to coach and lead my own sessions. I have always enjoyed working in the outdoors and I can’t wait to be a part of the team to make new memories and friends.


I grew up on the water and have over 15 years of experience in watersports. I started sailing at 7 and soon began competing in national and regional championships. I was lucky to be a part of some of the worlds most incredible races such as the Volvo Ocean Race and the Extreme 40. I have been waterskiing and wakeboarding since before I could walk and have a ‘boatload’ of other marine experience.


Conor Stewart, 22, Irish / Australian. Ocean competitive rower, rugby player, entrepreneur. Loves Guinness and getting caught in the rain.


I’m really excited to get my first summer at Latchi started! I’ve spent a couple of seasons working at summer camps in Canada and have spent my whole life on or around the water. Basketball is my sport of choice, but really I am a fan of anything fun. I’m looking forward to new experiences, making new connections and learning a lot!

Divemaster Intern

I’m starting with the company this year as a PADI divemaster intern. The last 4 years I have worked seasons across the world from watersports to skiing. With family roots and many summer holidays in Cyprus I’m excited to be spending the summer out here and joining the team!! Look forward to meeting you all.

Matt B
Divemaster Intern

I have just completed my Undergraduate degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management. During my time I have been able to take part in a variety of adventurous activities starting from learning the basics to being able to coach and lead my own sessions. I have always enjoyed working in the outdoors and I can’t wait to be a part of the team to make new memories and friends.

Divemaster Intern

I’m a fun and friendly individual who is always up for hard work and good times. I have a passion for the water, I’m very enthusiastic for starting my Diving Internship with Latchi Watersports and a summer filled with gaining new skills and meeting new people.

Founded in 1978, Latchi Watersports started life as a small operation with a couple of windsurfers and a small speedboat, but over the years it has grown to become the largest and one of the best Watersports and dive centres in Cyprus.

Latchi is located on the Akamas Peninsular on the north-west coast of Cyprus. It’s just a short boat ride away from the Akamas National Park and its stunning coastline, which is the best in Cyprus. Our main centre of operation is located in the picturesque fishing harbour in Latchi, with two further beachfront operations located at La Plage and Anassa Beach.

We have a great team of professionals here at Latchi Watersports. Throughout the season the team is at least 20 people, increasing to almost 30 during July and August.

Our fleet of 30+ Rental Powerboats, Sailing and Motor Yachts and our PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre is located in Latchi, while our beachfront operations are more watersports orientated with three ski boats operating between the two sites and a whole spectrum of activities available ranging from ski boats to jet ski hire to banana & tube rides.

Our main emphasis is on safety and our highly trained and professional Latchi Watersports team will look after your every need to ensure your time on the water with us is the highlight of your holiday.

Check out our new luxury yacht charters with our sister company Latchi Charters, Cyprus at: WWW.LATCHICHARTERS.COM and our Dive Centre at: WWW.LATCHIDIVECENTRE.COM

Latchi Harbour

Take the road from Polis towards Latchi, we are located at the far end of the harbour, before Porto Latchi. [see map]

Anassa Hotel

Follow the signs for Aphrodite’s Bath for 3km, we can be found on the beach in front of the Anassa Hotel. [see map]

La Plage

You can also find Latchi Watersports on the beach at La Plage, just 1km before the marina from Polis. [see map]