How to learn to Jet Ski, a beginner’s guide

How to Learn to Jet Ski in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports Centre

Would you like to learn to jet ski?

Where the land ends the Jet Ski fun begins when you come to Latchi Watersports Centre

A beginners’ guide

The good news is that you do not need a special license to drive a Jet Ski in Cyprus. You do need to be over 18 years old and hold a full non-Cypriot driving license. If you want to learn to jet ski there are a few things worth noting before you start.

You’re going to need the following things before you start:

  • A Lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device (“PFD”)
    • You’ll need the right one for your size and weight. They are clearly labelled.
  • Safety lanyard
    • Usually connected to your PFD or to your wrist. The safety lanyard (also known as the ‘kill switch’) will automatically cut off the engine in case you fall from the Jet Ski.
  • A Whistle or horn
    • To signal you are having difficulties, or to warn people you are also using the water
  • We would also recommend that you use Sunscreen and wear suitable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.

Safety always comes first, and, if you come to Latchi Watersports to learn to Jet Ski, we will provide you with all the necessary equipment. And, we’ll provide you with a full safety briefing before you’re let loose on the sea.

How to Learn to Jet Ski in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports Centre
Have you got your PFD, Safety Lanyard and Whistle?

How does a Jet Ski work?

A Jet ski works by sucking in water from the front of the craft and propelling it at high speed through an impeller to the rear. The more you crank the throttle the more water is sucked-in and pushed through the impeller. And, the faster you go! A Jet Ski typically weighs more than 400kg. Therefore, the action of the ‘Jet’ must be sufficiently powerful to propel the craft and the rider.

Driving a Jet Ski is much like riding a bike. You steer the handlebars in the direction you wish to travel and underneath the craft, the jet [exhaust] swivels to execute the turn. Like any watercraft, a Jet Ski is easier to steer, and to handle, when it has momentum.

A Jet Ski has what is known as a ‘direct drive’ this means you are never truly in neutral.

When you want to brake a bucket-shaped device moves behind the jet and the craft slows you down. Some newer models now have what is known as “IBR” – Intelligent Brake & Reverse. When the rider wishes to slow down, they squeeze the brake lever and the craft slows. When it finally stops, another squeeze of the lever puts it into reverse.

How to Learn to Jet Ski in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports Centre
Know your Jet Ski controls

Jet Ski Controls

At Latchi Watersports Centre we use Sea-Doo Jet Ski because they are well made, reliable, and fun to ride. If you’re wondering what to expect on your Jet Ski dashboard and handlebars, take a look at this video from Sea-Doo.

And for the Sea-Doo Spark see this video


The Basics

When taking to the water, many first time Jet Ski users have difficulty maintaining a straight line. This can be down to applying too many revs or inconsistently applying power. Wavelets and waves also influence steering in a straight line. Most likely though not going straight will be because the rider is looking at or just over the handlebars. This is easily remedied by looking further into the distance and aiming for a static object.

When you need to turn, you will need a little throttle but stay within your abilities, and what feels comfortable.

Lean in the direction in which you wish to go. Remember, travelling at very slow speeds will make it harder to manoeuvre because there is no rudder to assist you.

Always maintain a good distance from other water users and keep a good lookout whilst riding. Know and understand the rules of the sea. Do not, for example, ride your craft in swimmers’ areas. And, always come back to shore through an approved route that will be clearly marked with buoys.

Having good etiquette on the water is always appreciated!

Avoid shallow areas where you are more likely to suck-up sand and rocks and other debris. When approaching a beach, turn-off the engine before you reach waist-deep water and coast in the rest of the way. Only restart the Jet Ski once you are once again in waist-deep water.

How to Learn to Jet Ski in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports Centre
Know your jet ski

Riding Experience

Waves can be fun, and a little scary when you first come across them. If you jump a wave, you and the Jet Ski could be well out of the water and you should be ready for the impact when you come back down. If you are crossing waves then, take it easy. Going too fast will drive the jet ski through the wave, rather than over.

At first, try to stay away from other boats (especially power boats) that can create an uncomfortable wake for a novice rider. If unavoidable, make sure you cross the coming wake created by a boat at an angle of 45-60 degrees. This will help you to cross the wake safely without the risk of the Jet Ski overturning.

If you do come off, and the jet ski turns upside-down be sure to look at the instructions at the rear of the craft.

This will tell you the ‘correct way’ to flip the Jet Ski back upright. Because it has a gasoline 4-stroke engine it can be damaged by water ingress. So, turning it in the right direction as shown at the rear is vitally important. Don’t forget you’ll need to have reasonable upper-body-strength to haul yourself back aboard.

How to Learn to Jet Ski in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports Centre
Learn to ride through the RYA at Latchi Watersports Centre


You can also learn to ride a jet ski through the RYA – Royal Yachting Association. At Latchi Watersports Centre we have RYA Qualified Instructors who will help you to learn quickly and safely. They can even double-up with you aboard a Jet Ski to help you get a feel for it.

Find us, and our Jet Ski on the beach in front of the Anassa Hotel on the Akamas Peninsula. This stunning coastline is an excellent place to learn to Jet Ski because it is less crowded and usually has very calm water. Certainly first thing in the morning!

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