RS Venture Keel

RS Venture Keel

Sailing is an amazingly liberating experience. The award-winning RS Venture Connect SCS makes it possible for almost anyone – and that means a lot to us. Many boats have been modified for para sailing. We like to think the RS Venture Connect SCS brings a new level of designed-in, engineered adaptability with simple, plug and play options including sip/puff electronic control to configure the boat for most disabilities – and change it between sessions to suit different requirements. This versatility encourages more organisations to develop para sailing programmes – it’s more cost and time efficient for existing programmes – and gives an unbeatable experience to a whole lot of sailors.

Power Assist Pack
The Power Assist Pack is a conversion kit that provides total engineered adaptability for most disabilities. It includes a rechargeable battery and control pack, powered captive mainsheet winch, joystick control and sip-puff headset option. The system is linked and connected using IPX7 watertight plugs and cabling. The design is focussed on providing a waterproof, simple to use system that exceeds the challenging demands of the small boat sailing environment and yet is a cost-effective investment for any sailing school. The watertight, rechargeable battery pack and control box is removable for charging in the club house. IPX7 fast-fit connectors are installed throughout the system. Power reserves are more than sufficient for a full day of sailing. The standard aft port is substituted for one that carries a mounted waterproof drive that connects to the twin rudders.

A waterproof joy-stick both controls the rudders and also enables the mainsail to be trimmed in/out. A captive winch system, enclosed in a watertight housing, operates using 3D printed limit switches to eliminate over sheeting and the optional sip-puff headset integrates easily with the system steering controls. The system covers a full range of para sailing needs and means the boat can be configured to suit virtually all disabilities.

Extras fitted:-

RS Venture Connect inc Gennaker Pack
Polycotton Breathable Top Cover
Launching Trolley
Launch Trolley Jockey Wheel

Comes with trailer (not for road use)

This Vessel is brand new and has never been used.

Asking Price: 16,000 Euro


For more information or viewing please call on +357 26 271 116

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