RIB Nuova Jolly Prince 23

RIB Nuova Jolly Prince 23 for sale | Latchi Marine Services

RIB Nuova Jolly Prince 23 (2012)

  • €36,000

For sale RIB Nuova Jolly Prince 23 (2012) with Suzuki engine 4 stroke 250HP with very few hours of operation in excellent condition. The pursuit of perfection. That’s Nuova Jolly, synonymous with high-quality RIBs since 1961. Today, it offers a full range of inflatable boats from 5 to 13 meters acknowledged by the public for safety, quality, longevity and their exceptional marine qualities.


  • Garmin GPS Navigation System
  • Sonar
  • Marine Sound System with waterproof speakers
  • radio
  • tents
  • wooden table
  • stainless steel pole for water sports
  • water ski holders
  • wooden decks
  • trolley
  • electric anchor
  • shower
  • lights etc.
  • Full-service history.

Πωλείται φουσκωτό RIB Nuova Jolly Prince 23 με μηχανή Suzuki 4 Stroke 250HP με πολύ λίγες ώρες λειτουργίας του 2012 σε άριστη κατάσταση. Περιλαμβάνει Garmin GPS Navigation System, Βυθόμετρο, Marine Sound System με αδιάβροχα ηχεία, ασύρματο, τέντες, ξύλινο τραπέζι, στύλος stainless steel για θαλάσσια σπορ, θήκες για water skies, αποβάθρες, σκάλα, τρόλεϊ, ηλεκτρική άγκυρα, ντους, φώτα κτλ. Πλήρες ιστορικό σερβις.


For more information or viewing please call on +357 26 322 095.

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