Ray Woolley (93 yr old plans 39 dives)

Ray Wooley

Say ‘Hello’ to Ray Woolley who at 93 years old is planning 39 dives this year!

Ray Woolley, pioneer diver and World War II veteran, is well on his way in his challenge of completing 39 dives in his 93rd year. (39@93). He recently completed two dives with us, bringing his total so far to 23! 13 of these dive shave been with us here at Latchi Watersports, covering depths between 10.3 and 37.4 metres!

It’s an impressive feat for any diver. Though Ray, who is also an active diver with the British sub aqua club (“BSAC”) at RAF Akrotiri, simply says: “Ninety seemed to be the magic age for me to get noticed, although I wasn’t doing anything other than I had been doing before

NEWSFLASH 27th April 2019


“I love water and I feel very privileged to be so active and able to dive, and this is due to swimming all of my life. I wish more people would do this, it’s such as beneficial form of exercise and it’s wonderful.”

Born in 1923, Ray served in the Royal Navy Radio Branch during WWII. Working on shipping convoys in 1943-44 before a secondment to ‘SBS Special Force 281’ in the Dodecanese. He was among the first Allied forces to land on Rhodes when as the Germans retreated in May 1945.

Having taken-up diving in 1960 – Ray was posted to Cyprus in 1964 and was a regular diver with BSAC during which he attained more-and-more qualifications over three tours here in total. In 1999 he retired and came to Cyprus to live permanently, having experienced diving in some of the most astonishing locations around the world.

“They told me not to climb ladders at my age. I feel like I can still do it, but I have to get other people in to do it now. But, saying that. I will go out on my next dive in a few days’ time.”

29 @ 92

Rays Wooley’s love of the warm and welcoming sea here in Cyprus means he will continue to dive for as long as he is happy to do so; which wouldn’t have been the case if he still lived in the Wirral for example.

“Cold murky water doesn’t appeal.”