PADI Certificate of Recognition

PADI Certificate of Recognition - Steve Harte - Latchi Watersports Centre, CyprusPADI Certificate of Recognition - Steve Harte - Latchi Watersports Centre, Cyprus

Outstanding Customer Service – The PADI Certificate of Recognition.

What´s happening when PADI is receiving Emails from very happy customers about outstanding Customer Service?

by Sascha Engeler

As Regional Managers, we have always the opportunity to reward a Dive Centre or a Dive Centre owner when they achieved something amazing or when the performance of the Dive Centre in the past year was outstanding. But what really makes me happy is when an Individual Instructor gets mentioned in the Undersea Journal and PADI receives on top of that additional Emails from very happy customers about a particular Individual PADI Instructor.

Yesterday I had the honour to present the certificate of recognition to the Head Instructor of Latchi Watersports in Cyprus – Stephen A. Harte

Congratulations Steve! You are an inspiration and a true PADI Ambassador!

Steve Says…

I was very much blown away by the award you presented to me today.

I have been a diver since I was 15 saving up my own money to buy the PADI open water course in my local town back home because it’s all I ever wanted to do was dive and teach.

I never thought that my passion for diving and teaching people ever since I was old enough to become a PADI pro would excel me to achieving something so wonderful and amazing.

My life through PADI has allowed me to experience the world and meet thousands of likeminded people and share what we have in the ocean through first-hand encounters.

I have been an instructor 5 years this month and if the next 50 bring half the joy and achievement I’ve experienced in this 5 I’ll be grateful to have lived life happy enjoying what we instructors do best’ teaching others about the 71 % they need to explore.

Thanks again Steve – Keep up the good work!


logo-DAN  PADI 5-STAR Instructor Development Centre, Latchi Dive Centre, Cyprus

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Latchi Dive Centre aims to stay at the forefront of recreational diving to be able to cater to the needs of every diver. Whether the diver is breathing their first breath underwater or planning a Tec dive using multiple gas mixtures, we are there! Latchi Dive Centre at Latchi Watersports operates 3 dive boats every day, with eight experienced and professional PADI dive staff.


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