New Diving compressor: Lenhardt & Wagner LW700 11es

breathing air diving compressor LW 700 ES II

Our brand new diving compressor is the Largest in Cyprus.

We’ll be looking after all your diving needs from using the diving compressor for your standard air fills to Enriched Air. With some of your Favorite Instructors back for 2018 and having a large selection of Dive Boats, this year is going to be fabulous.


The improved sound insulation on our new diving compressor is ideal for being used in commercial and sales areas, as well as in mixed residential and industrial buildings. A novel drainage system features a 10-litre condensate collection tank, as well as a highly efficient pre-separator unit which improves the lifetime of the filter cartridge considerably. Innovative condensate valves also limit the pressure drops during condensation cycles to ensure enhanced profitability.

The industry-proven, new lubrication system, as well as reinforced compressor components are the main points of the optimized compressor block which allow using the LW 700 ES II for continuous running and for being used in three-shift operations at breathing air and high-pressure applications.

breathing air diving compressor LW 700 ES II


  • Electromotor (E-Motor / 400V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz)
  • Painted steel housing (RAL 6026)
  • Sound insulated housing
  • NEW – Heavy duty compressor block components
  • Automatic condensate drain
  • Automatic stop at the final pressure
  • Hour counter
  • Operating panel with start/stop and condensate test button, as well emergency stop switch
  • Motor protection switch
  • Safety switch
  • Maintenance doors on both sides
  • Pressure maintaining and non-return valve
  • All pistons c/w steel piston rings
  • NEW – Improved lubrication system c/w oil filter
  • Low-pressure oil pump and filter
  • Oil- / Water separators in stainless steel
  • Safety valves after each stage
  • NEW – 0.8 ltr. Prefilter (Enlarged the lifetime of the filter by approx. 5 h)
  • NEW – Condensate-Stop-Valve
  • NEW – 10 ltr. Condensate tank with venting silencer
  • NEW – Maintenance door on both sides
  • NEW – High effective new Cooling System
  • 4 concentric suction/pressure valves
  • High-pressure outlet with 1500 mm hose
  • Filling pressure of your choice (200 or 300 bar)
  • Breathing air purification an accordance to EN 12021


  • Autostart system
  • Up to 6 additional filling hoses available
  • NEW – 4- fold filling panel installed at the front door
  • 200 and 300 bar parallel filling pressures
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Intermediate pressure gauges
  • Oil pressure monitoring c/w auto shut down
  • Cylinder head temperature monitoring with auto shut down
  • Oil temperature display with auto shut down
  • Puracon filter monitoring (Auto shut down also available)
  • ECC control
  • Block heating device
  • 420 bar Version
  • Phase monitoring c/w shut down in the wrong direction of rotation
  • Air Cooler connection kit
  • Power cable and plug
  • Special voltages/frequencies on request


Technical Data

LW 700 ES II  
Type: Air cooled piston compressor
Capacity [l/min] / [Nm³/h] / [cfm]: 700 / 42 / 24.7
Max. Pressure [bar]: 350 / 420
RPM [1/min]: 1390
No of cylinders / No of stages: 4 / 4
Prime mover type: E-Motor / 400V / 3 Phasen / 50 Hz
Drive power [kW] with 50 Hz / 60 Hz: 18.5 / 22.2
Cooling air req. [m³/h] with 50 Hz / 60 Hz: 5500 / 6660
Lubrication type: Oil pump + Splash oil
Oil capacity [l] / Oil pressure [bar]: 2.9 / 2.0 (+/- 0.1)
Operating temperature [°C]: +5°C to +45°C
Filter capacity [m³ at +20°C]: 1440 (at +20°C / approx. 34.3 h)
Dimensions W x D x H [mm]: 975 x 1480 x 1800
Weight [kg]: 590
Noise level (measured at 1 m) [dB]: 64

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Lenhardt & Wagner

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