Working at Latchi Watersports

Working at Latchi Watersports by Paige Nixon

… It will be my third year working at Latchi Watersports this summer season, and I feel I have learned a lot in my time here.

Going back to the start, I grew up in Cyprus, and with the sun shining pretty much all year round, it is challenging to say, “I’m going to go and work in an office job“.

I knew what working at Latchi watersports might be like from when I was a kid. My family and I used to hire out the boats here nearly every year when my school broke for the summer holidays

… a blog post by Paige Nixon

Coming from university and doing what I said I would never do – sitting in an office all day, I think it was safe to say I needed to come back to Cyprus.

I needed to live and work in the sun, which is what working at Latchi watersports definitely has got going for it.

My interview with Dave was automatically warming and intriguing, to say the least. I come from an event planning background, studying in university and previous jobs throughout growing up, so it was just fitting that sales would be where I ended up.

When I thought of sales, I was a little worried I’d be back up in the office, working online and watching the sun go by every day. Until I was told my office was under the umbrella on the harbour, speaking to people daily.

Working at Latchi Watersports by Paige Nixon

Now, I am known to talk a lot. Unfortunately, it is just in my nature, but fortunately for this job, it comes in handy.

People from outside could look at my job as stressful and tedious. But what they don’t see is the simple satisfaction I gain. My work is hugely satisfying and rewarding. When customers come through our doors, or, in my case, my umbrella, I can see how excited they are just to be here. They can’t wait to book a new activity, go diving or book their own self-drive boat hire.

The regulars are the people who pull at my heartstrings. They are the guy’s that I really get to know inside and out. Not just the generic holiday questions, but I get to really know them as people. That makes my job WORKING AT LATCHI WATERSPORTS easier to create for them the perfect holiday experience.

Ever get that proud feeling when you show someone around your house? Well, that’s what it feels like when I meet the customers that are fresh off their plane and have never stood on Cypriot soil before.

My task is to speak to every person that passes my umbrella. Yes, I am that annoying person that repeatedly says:

“would you like a leaflet?”

Latchi Watersports Self-Drive Boat Hire Fleet

However, somedays, it’s not just about boat hire and more boat hire.

I have had lengthy conversations with people about everything and anything. When people are on holiday, they love to chat with somebody new. They are in their holiday bubble, which makes everyday life a world away. I love that aspect of it!

The best part of working at Latchi Watersports is getting to know the customers. Moreover, when they have finished their day, you hear all about their activities. With the sun setting, they radiate pure happiness, which remains the most incredible feeling.

You know you have done your all to give them the best adventures of their holiday and trust they will never forget their experiences. Asides from customer satisfaction and sales, I also float around in other areas of the business. Latchi Watersports is a team, and we all chip in where we can, everywhere we can. If a dive boat needs emptying, I will help with that, clean life jackets, put things away, or send tanks down to get refilled.

It is all about working as a team. Especially in the height of the summer when everyone is as rushed off their feet as you are. Through working at Latchi Watersports:
  • I am now a certified rescue diver.
  • Cruising along the Akamas coastline in the safety boat I take care of our customers.
  • I’ve been a hostess on the luxury sailing yachts for a sunset cruise.
  • Learning to wakeboard has been a highlight
  • I am proficient in driving boats in and out of the harbour for customer pickups.
  • Logistical procedures for getting boats in and out of Latchi harbour at the height of the summer is part of my role

Like any job, it does come with some negative points; 

who am I kidding? 


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… a blog post by Paige Nixon

Working at Latchi Watersports by Paige Nixon

Paige Nixon
Boat Hire / Sales

Furthermore, working at Latchi Watersports means that I am next to the sea, in the sun and the warmth. Meeting new and exciting people each year and the opportunities to broaden my knowledge and horizon every day is fabulous. I’d say there are very few negatives at all.