A Day on the Safety Boat at Latchi Watersports

Safety Boat patrolling the Blue Lagoon in Cyprus

Here at Latchi Watersports, our number one priority is our customer’s safety, to ensure this, we send out a Safety Boat team every day down the beautiful Akamas coastline.

This consists of two fully qualified members of staff who will be there at hand to help with any possible concerns or issues you may have on your trip. Our safety boat team are there to take away any of your worries so you can fully relax and rest assured in the knowledge we are always there on hand.

The safety boat is not hard to find we are a bright red RIB

Safety Boat Latchi Harbour in Cyprus
Latchi Watersports Centre Safety Boat in the Akamas Peninsula

We set out first thing in the morning once the majority of our boats have gone out, however before we leave we always ensure the safety boat is fully equipped with all the possible safety and first aid equipment that may be needed, this includes basic diving equipment, an extensive first aid kit, a rescue sled and fire extinguishers.

Throughout the day, THE SAFETY BOAT keepS a watchful eye out on all our boats as well as cleaning up our coastline if we see any litter in the area.

Making our way through each of the bays we are always keeping an eye out for any potential problems and will do our very best to make sure you and your family are having the best experience possible.

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It’s not always easy to know the best spots to go and get your bearings when in a new environment, so our expert team will be able to advise you on the best anchoring spots so that you can get right into the bays and be in nice shallow waters, we can even pop someone on board so they can do all the work for you. We have 40 years of experience down the Akamas coastline so our team are more than knowledgeable about the best spots to go. We are fortunate enough to have an incredible 12km of coastline, so whether you want to do a spot of freediving or just relax on the beach the Akamas has a place for everyone and we will be able to advise you on the best bays to go to meet your desires.

The safety boat is not hard to find we are a bright red RIB, we are always going from one bay to another, so if you spot us and want any assistance all you need to do is give us a call on the radio, and we will be straight over.

There is no silly question or a problem to big or small that we cannot help with even if you just want a picture taken of you and your family we are more than happy to help you capture your day and make life long memories.

There’s not much we haven’t seen on safety boat and it’s inevitable that sometimes accidents do happen, so weather the anchor has accidently been lost or the kids have dropped their favourite snorkelling mask to the bottom of the sea bed, our experienced team will always do our best to retrieve any lost items. In the unfortunate event of a lost item, one of the team will jump straight in and either free dive using breath-hold techniques or jump in with their pony tank to rescue the missing items so that you can carry on as normal with your trip.

Safety Boat Anchoring procedures | Latchi Watersports Centre in Cyprus

The reality is you never know what might happen on a safety boat day but due to our preparedness and expertise we can always solve the problem.

A brilliant example is going back a couple of years in 2018 when the safety boat team sadly came across a large female turtle completely caught in fishing line, luckily they got to the scene in enough time to rescue the poor turtle and untangle her from the mess that was A LOT of tangled fishing line. We care very much about our stunning Akamas coastline and its wildlife and we will continue to protect it for many years to come.

Therefore, weather it is our wonderful customers or the incredible wildlife we are helping the Latchi Watersports Safety Boat team are always there to rely on. Thanks for joining us for a day on the safety boat and we hope to see you very soon for another amazing and exciting day in a place we fortunately can call home!

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