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Boat Hire Blue Lagoon with Latchi Watersports Centre

The Perfect boat hire location in Cyprus.

Latchi Watersports Centre is located at the footsteps of the idyllic Akamas National Park.

Why not enjoy the prfect treat during your stay in Cyprus with our self-drive boat hire? Exploring these calm, crystal clear waters is a perfect day out. Cypriot regulations certainly help anyone looking for boat hire in Cyprus. As a tourist you may hire any powerboat of up to 10 metres with just a car driving licence. Therefore, don’t forget to bring it with you!

Our coastline is rich in history, each bay has its own fascinating story, from Venetian harbours to old shipwrecks.

There are also secret caves and white sandy beaches to discover, and as for the famous Blue Lagoon… well that’s a paradise that any local will tell you about! So whether you take a picnic and make a day of it, or simply relax with a glass of champagne and watch the sun set over the horizon, our boat hire is a must-do whilst visiting Cyprus.

Akamas Coastline Trips

The coastline of the Akamas is one of the most beautiful in Cyprus. When you rent a boat you will have many different bays to explore and sights to see along the way. Some of the highlights are described below.

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

Anassa hotel

A beautiful five-star hotel and resort with the best beach watersports in Cyprus.

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

The Church of Agios Georgios

Located high on the hillside past the baths of Aphrodite this church, although in ruin, is still visited regularly. Legend has it that the Akamas is home to 100 churches and only 99 have been found. The last one is Aphrodite’s tomb filled with gold and jewels. So please tell us if you find it!

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

St Georges Island

This island is located around 800 meters offshore from St George’s Reef. On the surface, the barren volcanic outcrop is home to multiple species of seabirds. Below the surface, the island is home to a vast array of marine life including tuna, groupers, trumpet fish and octopus. This is also one of our favourite dive sites.

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

Manolis Bay

Manolis was a fisherman. To be more precise a dynamite fisherman. According to local legend, this is where he gave up fishing permanently. As you enter this bay you will notice that the water has taken on a beautiful blue colour. This is due to the fine white sand on the seabed. As you progress into the bay you will see the caves and jumbled rocks that make this bay so interesting. When snorkelling look out for the large family of trumpet fish that have made this bay their home. Observe the way they change colour relative to their environment. Especially relevant, Sir David Attenborough once filmed part of a documentary here!

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

Fontana Amorosa

The name translates to ‘fountain of love’ but for the ancient Romans, it was more like the fountain of life. An inland spring was located here that provided a fresh water supply for their fleet. There are still four visible cutouts in the rocks for docking boats and its location provides shelter from the prevailing wind, a perfect place to stop for awhile. Look underwater and as you might expect from a harbour you will find some rubbish, but ancient rubbish in the form of amphora. Some are said to be offerings to the gods, whereas others are clearly from shipwrecks. Most of these have now fused into the rocks and have become homes to various types of marine life.

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

Aphrodite’s Rock

Aphrodite’s rock is situated below the fabled baths of Aphrodite, with a prominent cross mounted on the highest point. Many local legends exist as to why the cross is there, from the absurd to the tragic. So, drop anchor here and see if you can find the answers. This also marks the start of the Akamas National Park.

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

St Georges Reef

Located landward of St Georges Island, this reef is a maze of rocks and caves that provides a habitat for lots of marine life. The highest peak in the Akamas towering above the reef while underwater there is the remains of a yacht to explore.

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports


One of our dive instructors used to say: “this is where the Romans used to watch Jet Ski races!” In reality, this site gets its name because it has been mined for its stone for about 2000 years. And, it resembles a Roman amphitheatre. Many of the churches and other buildings in the Akamas were constructed from this stone. With a small beach at the eastern end of this bay, you can drop anchor and explore more on foot.

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

The Blue Lagoon

The most popular bay in the whole of Cyprus. Furthermore, as soon as you arrive you will be dazzled by the beautiful white sandy bottom and crystal clear turquoise water. In addition, stunning chamili islet provides an impressive habitat for many types of marine life and excellent snorkeling. This bay is a definite must!

Self Drive Boat Hire in Cyprus with Latchi Watersports

Arnaoutis Beach

Situated at Cyprus’s western most point, this golden sandy beach is an ideal spot for a picnic and its seclusion makes it an ideal place to get away from it all. From here you will see the offshore reef which is 8km from Latchi harbour and a turnaround point for your trip along the coast.

What can you do with Latchi Watersports?…

Self Drive Boats, Watersports, including: Waterskiing, Wakeboard, Parasailing, Sailing & Windsurfing, Tubing and Banana Rides, Jet Ski Hire, Pedalo, Canoe, Kayak and Paddleboard. Also, you can still find time for diving! Why not ‘learn to dive‘ with us? We are a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre.

Finally, if you’re ready for some luxury

We’ll take care of you on our fantastic yacht charters. The Bavaria 41 and Jeanneau 349 are exquisite yacht charters right here in Cyprus. Furthermore, if you want more power, then we have two incredibly luxurious cruisers the Sea Ray 52 and Azimut 68 for charter.

…You can do EVERYTHING!


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