The Akamas National Park, a Journey by Boat

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The Akamas National Park has many beautiful coves, bays and scuba diving sites to be explored on a journey by boat. You’ll have a memorable time along the coastline from Latchi, both above and below the water.

You may be wondering where you can stop and relax or where you can swim and snorkel when you hire your self-drive boat on a visit to the Akamas National Park. Or, where we might take you on a Luxury Yacht Charter direct from Latchi Harbour.

When you hire a boat with Latchi Watersports Centre the first place you’ll visit will be our Head Office. You cannot miss our building; it’s a three-storey turquoise building right at the heart of Latchi Harbour.

Latchi Watersports Centre office

Having hired one of our boats, you will be dropped off outside the harbour by one of our team. Heading west follow the coastline along to the Akamas National Park. On the way, you’ll pass the stunning 5 Star Anassa Hotel. On the beach, you will likely see more of our team. They’ll be teaching wakeboarding, water skiing, windsurfing and dinghy sailing. Don’t go too close to those activities but, be sure to give them a wave…

The first point in the Akamas National Park where you will pass is Takkas bay.

A wide-open sandy beach just below Aphrodite Beach Hotel. Right next door to Takkas bay is Aphrodite’s Rock. Situated below the fabled baths of Aphrodite. The rock has a cross mounted at the highest point. There are many legends as to why the cross exists. From the absurd to the tragic.

Insight of Aphrodite’s rock and, around a 2.5km away headed west is St George’s Reef and St George’s Island.

The reef is a maze of cliffs and caves that provides a habitat for marine life. On land, the highest peak in the Akamas National Park towers above. Meanwhile underwater the wreck of a yacht is waiting to be explored.

St George’s Island is a relatively barren volcanic outcrop. Albeit beautifully green in Springtime.

As a nature reserve, no person is allowed to step foot on the island, which paves the way for some stunning wildlife in the area. This one of our amazing and most popular dive spots with several different routes to explore. If you are lucky you might even be treated to an encounter with Stumpy, the resident turtle with three fins!

Once you have passed the St. George’s Island, you’ll come to Amphitheatre Bay. It gets the name from the stone that was mined there around 2000 years ago. And, because it resembles a Roman Amphitheatre. The bay has a little beach at the eastern end where you can drop anchor and explore more of the Akamas Peninsula on foot. Snorkel across to the rocks, step onto the beach, and a short walk away you can reach a beautiful viewpoint and take in the Akamas from above.

Manolis Bay is next. Motoring up to this hidden gem, you can see the waters change into the bright turquoise blue we all seek to find. This is a firm favourite of the Latchi Watersports team and it’s easy to see why. There are two sea caves to swim into, you can snorkel around the outer edges. Look out for the large family of trumpet fish that have made this bay their home. Observe the way they change colour relative to their environment.

Boat Hire Blue Lagoon with Latchi Watersports Centre

Next is the famous Blue Lagoon. This is the one you all come here to see and it is deservedly the most popular bay in the Akamas National Park and, in the whole of Cyprus.

Surrounded by striking cliff faces and waters here that are bright blue, it’s just like being in the Caribbean! The Blue Lagoon is split down the middle by an island connected to the land by a very shallow reef, and creates two bays in one! Whether you choose to explore the smaller or the larger side, you will be spending a day in paradise. Now, as a picture can speak a thousand words, there are a few that can do the talking on this one for us!

A few minutes beyond the Blue Lagoon you will come to a quieter bay called Fontana Amorosa literally “Fountain of Love”.

However, for the Romans, it was known as the Fountain of Life. An incredible snorkelling spot with an interesting history. As an old shipping port, you are sure to spot some ancient amphora under the surface of the water here. But be sure to leave it alone – it’s part of what makes this bay so special. The topography under the water is the best; there are many underwater islands here, which house many different species of fish and octopus, turtles, eels, so can fulfil all of your snorkelling desires!

And finally, Cape Arnautis Beach

Situated at the tip of the Akamas National Park and which is also the furthest point you are allowed to take your boat. It’s a beach created with soft white sand which gives you that beautiful feeling between your toes. Anchor your boat and go for a short swim into shore. It’s a great place for a drink and a picnic, or to stroll among the rocks collecting your own Akamas sea salt, to even walking to stand on the very edge of the peninsula. You can literally stand on the edge of the world!



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