Akamas National Park #cleanakamas

#cleanakamas latchi watersports centre, SPP Media, Love FM Cyprus

Latchi Watersports in conjunction with SPP Media once again completed the annual clean-up of the Akamas National Park (#cleanakamas)

We provided 8 boats and drivers to take approximately 100 lovely volunteers #cleanakamas around different parts of the coastline collecting litter & junk that people had carelessly left behind.

Our BEAUTIFUL coastline was never meant to be unsightly, not to mention the dangers of polluting the sea and putting marine life in danger!

Of course, it wouldn’t have been right to clean up the Blue Lagoon and not have a little dip! After all their hard work, the boats met up in the picturesque Blue Lagoon to cool off.

We would personally like to thank LOVE.FM for supporting the cause and to SPP for helping us achieve this project again. Thank you to everyone that gave up their morning! The amount of bags full of trash (and a fridge door) that came back on the boats, showed what a difference a few of hours of your time can make! Well done to everyone that took part. You should be very proud! #CLEANAKAMAS

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