Akamas Beach Clean-up No. 6

More than 70 volunteers attended the #akamascleanup initiative on Sunday 27th September 2020.

The Akamas is the only nature reserve in Cyprus – and it needs protecting. Of course, some rubbish comes ashore as the result of passing ships and tankers. However, in order to preserve our unique corner of Cyprus – please “leave only your footprints” – recycle where you can. Take your rubbish home and avoid single-use plastic where possible. #akamascleanup

Loaded with bags, gloves, water, wipes and sun cream, everyone headed to their designated beaches to work their magic. No space was left unturned. It was hot, and it was dusty, but we did it! We were able in the relatively short time that we removed many bags of rubbish from along the Akamas Peninsula coastline.

Before heading home, we gathered all our boats together to meet in the Blue Lagoon, for a well-deserved dip in the crystal-clear waters. But, even then, you can see the volunteers handing rubbish sacks between the boats. All that we, SPP Media and AlphaMega Supermarkets ask; is that you take your rubbish home. Or, recycle it. Respect our nature reserve, please!

“leave only your footprints”

Bottles, broken glasses, useless accessories, plastic – all left by visitors to the Akamas and polluting this area of ​​incomparable natural beauty which is part of the Natura2000 network. The Akamas Peninsula at the northwestern tip of Cyprus is an area of ​​unique natural beauty, and Endemism. It covers an area of ​​230 sq. Km and is suitable for hiking, mountain biking, swimming and bird watching. Every year, however, after the end of the summer season, the picture it presents is rather heartbreaking. Owing to the lack of environmental awareness and education and the lack of adequate control by the competent services – it’s up to you, and us, to protect it.

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